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RECT Workstation

Single Socket Workstation

Workstation with Intel Core CPUs of the 7th generation "Kaby Lake"

Workstation with Intel Core CPU of the 6th generation "Skylake"

Workstation with brandnew AMD Ryzen™ Processor

RECT™ WS-2265C

RECT™ WS-2264C

RECT™ WS-2223C

starting at
544 €
starting at
553 €
starting at
661 €

Workstation with 6th Generation Intel Core X Skylake-X

Next-Level Workstation with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™

Workstation with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition - Broadwell E

RECT™ WS-2266C

RECT™ WS-2224C

RECT™ WS-2263C

starting at
961 €
starting at
1,537 €
starting at
1,013 €

Single-CPU Workstation with latest Intel Xeon E5-V4 CPUs Broadwell-EP

RECT™ WS-2284R

starting at
1,333 €

Dual Socket Workstation

Broadwell-EP: Dual-CPU Workstation with latest Intel Xeon E5-v4 Processors

RECT™ WS-2285R

starting at
1,224 €

Rack Workstation

Rack Workstation with brandnew AMD Ryzen™ Processor

4U Rack Workstation with brandnew Intel Core X Extreme Edition Processor

Broadwell EP: latest Dual-CPU Workstation with Intel Xeon E5-v4 CPUs and DDR4-RAM

RECT™ WS-8823C5

RECT™ WS-8866C5

RECT™ WS-8885R5

starting at
754 €
starting at
1,060 €
starting at
1,182 €

RECT™ custom-made products

If you have special needs - speak with us. We provide advice, help you plan and come up with a solution that's right.
  • Adjusted hardware and software configurations
  • Customized system test runs
  • Individual service agreements (SLA)
This shop is directed to enterprises, traders, businessmen and public institutions. Quoted prices do include neither VAT nor unless differently stated shipping charges.