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The suitable computer for every workplace

Be it for an administrative, creative, engineering office or for a tax firm: We carry the appropriate PC for any desk. In this section, we are presenting computers that meet the professional requirements in corporate organisations. Customised, pre-installed operating system without bloatware, fluid multitasking – and in the event of an emergency, technical support at enterprise level: With RECT™ computers, you are bringing the many years of expertise of the business solutions system integrator to every workplace!


Computers from RECT™ are customisable to meet your needs. Exceptionally compact or extensively expandable, as an all-round tool or optimised for computationally intensive workflows, without compromise when it comes to smoothness of running and energy efficiency. Combined with the suitable piece of software and select peripheral equipment, we will provide you with the complete package you are looking for. Featuring the reliability of CORETO.

The latest computer trends in the RECT™ shop