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RECT™ services

Always here for you: the helping hand of our RECT™ professionals.
Trust the expertise of the systems manufacturer when it comes to service. Our RECT™ services encompass the complete package, ranging from the initial planning and start-up to the upkeep and maintenance and to upgrades. You can rely on our RECT™ professionals to be on hand with help and advice throughout the entire product life cycle.

Customised support
You decide about the operational life of your RECT™ systems and thus about the type and scope of support. Whether you require 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, bring-in, pick-up or on-site service: the choice is yours. If your requirements change, we can react jointly and extend or increase the level of service.
This not only works in an emergency: For instance, did you know that we are also available to start up the systems on-site at your company? …that we pre-install or pre-configure the new system to meet your individual needs? …or that we take care of the secure data deletion as well as the disposal in compliance with the legal stipulations on your behalf if the system is decommissioned? Our professionals are ready to render efficient and essential assistance.

24/7 support for emergencies
Breakdowns don’t follow working hours. If you are standing in front of the RECT™ system at night, on the weekend or on a public holiday, our advice, and frankly our backing, should be available to you – irrespective of the type of framework agreement that has been executed beforehand. We are ready, at a moment’s notice.
Depending on the requirements, service level or add-on agreement, we are at your disposal at the factory by telephone, e-mail and RECT™ chat to provide help and guidance regarding the hardware, software as well as the configuration. If a solution is not achieved via distant access or remote, we will come to you to resolve the problem on-site.

RECT™ services: not only available with a framework agreement.
Our RECT™ professionals also provide quick and unbureaucratic help in individual cases. Even if no service agreement exists or if the system was purchased from a different manufacturer, we will make our helping hands and the know-how of a systems manufacturer available to you.

Our RECT™ services: everything from a single source, available around the clock. Enabling you to err on the side of caution.

...for the procurement

Examining, consulting, planning

Which configuration is a good fit, sufficient and upgradable in the future? Count on our RECT™ professionals when you are planning your next purchase. Your personal contact consolidates the know-how, making sure that you are provided with a fair decision-making basis.

We examine, consult and plan for you at no charge (Europe-wide service)


Do you wish to get started immediately upon delivery of the system? No problem, thanks to our start-up service. One of our RECT™ professionals will expertly and optimally set up your new server of your new computer, taking care that it is in working order.

Start-up incl. removal of the transport materials, starting from €59.00
(service throughout Germany; Europe-wide service available on request)


There will be no delays, because these systems have been thoroughly tested and can be integrated directly: they are dispatched from our factory in completely pre-installed and pre-configured state. Make use of our installation service and provide us with the necessary information and materials when you purchase your new RECT™ system. All hands are on board at our factory to create the desired RECT™ system that can be integrated directly.

Installation service including configuration based on your specifications, starting from €49.00 (Europe-wide service) case of an emergency (without a framework agreement)

Software support

Is the hardware working, but the software is not? Our RECT™ professionals are here to help. Simply tell us which piece of software is causing a headache and what problems you experience. We make our know-how available to you and bring the software manufacturer on board.

Software support incl. communication with the manufacturer, starting from €39.00 (Europe-wide service)

Hardware support

Are you having trouble with the hardware and no service level agreement is in place? No problem. Our RECT™ professionals naturally are the best choice in this case. Simply describe your problems to us. We are leveraging our extensive know-how with a direct relationship with the component manufacturer.

Hardware support incl. communication with the manufacturer, starting from €39.00 (Europe-wide service)

Emergency repair service

Is your computer or your server defective and the manufacturer’s warranty is invalid? You can count on our expertise as hardware professionals. We will test the system, agree on the repair with you and restart the system. It is irrelevant whether the system was purchased from us or from a different manufacturer.

System check including pick-up, starting from €59.00 (Europe-wide service) be on the safe side

Service level agreements

Standardisation helps to reduce times and minimise friction losses. RECT™ professionals are available to you, standardised in accordance with the respective service level agreements. You can select from the levels bring-in, pick-up and on-site service as well as the duration between 12 and 60 months. Notably with regard to the on-site service, we offer a cost-optimised 3BD and a quick NBD response time. For particularly critical applications, we additionally offer the same-day resolution.

Please talk to your personal contact for advice. (Europe-wide service)

Support upgrade or extension

Is the agreed support level no longer sufficient for you or is the contract expiring shortly? In that case, we simply increase your level of support or extend the contract by 12 more months.

Service extension, starting from €39.00 (Europe-wide service)

Service upgrade, starting from €49.00 (Europe-wide service) wrap up

System check

If you would like to sell a RECT™ system or acquire a used RECT™, you should opt for the RECT™ system check. We will test the functionality, performance and tell you what needs to be done. This enables you to trust your new system or to offer your buyer a fair price. What’s more: we will also perform a standardised replacement of all wear parts.

System check incl. pick-up, starting from €99.00 (Europe-wide service)


Would you like to decommission and properly dispose of your RECT™ system? No problem – we will pick it up and dispose of it in compliance with the legal stipulations. And as an added bonus: we will make sure that nobody will have access to the data on the hard drive. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate about the destruction of your saved data.

The disposal of a RECT™ systems incl. pick-up is free of charge (Europe-wide service)

The certified data deletion is available starting from €19.00 (Europe-wide service).