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Solid but quiet performance:
RECT™ silent servers

In many work environments, no separate shielded area is available for the server. To help you focus all of your attention on what’s important, you need a server with a particularly low noise emission.

RECT™-brand silent servers are precisely that: Equipped with a fan and cooling system designed specifically for quiet operation, these models of our systems originally intended for the server room can now also be used close to the work place. The air flow through the enclosure is utilised to the greatest possible extent so that few strategically placed special whisper-quiet fans produce sufficient cooling of all zones. This is ultimately achieved with an active control of the individual rotational speeds at the BIOS level.

For true quietness without compromising the performance.

Single Socket Silent-Server

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Dual Socket Silent-Server

RECT™ custom-made products

If you have special needs - speak with us. We provide advice, help you plan and come up with a solution that's right.
  • Adjusted hardware and software configurations
  • Customized system test runs
  • Individual service agreements (SLA)